Cemetery Whispers


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“Cemetery Whispers” is a photographic exploration of the New Public Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary documenting its beauty through photomontages and close-ups of insignificant details otherwise overlooked. Macro scenes of dead branches and broken glass amplify their meaning in the context of their environment where faux bouquets live forever but people pass away.

Silk flowers mimic cast-iron roses and melancholy statues guard mementos of the deceased. Fallen leaves and wilted vines draped over marble-slab graves are a tangible reminder of the inevitable cycle…

Old wooden crosses aged by years of rain, wind and snow stand overgrown and forgotten. The details in the microcosm of the cemetery reveal hints of life left behind and life just passing through- a feather teeters on a branch and a tree consumes a woman made of stone.

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Headless Statue Fleeting Feather Swallowed by the Trees Melancholy Statue An Iron Rose Detail of a Family Grave


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